Halloween Makeup

Halloween is coming! Officially feeling like fall when I go shopping at all my favorite stores!

Picking your Halloween costume should be fun, easy, and painless! (haha)

I personally like to create things using my imagination and makeup!

Here we have an ICE QUEEN!

To do a makeup like this you only need a couple items:

White Face Paint
Blue liner
Black Eye Shadow
Epsom Salt
Hair Dryer

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Obviously, the secret to this look is EPSOM Salt!! (You’re Welcome!)

First you want to start by making the face white, hollow out the cheeks using black shadow to give bone structure back to the face. Followed by blue lips, blue around the eyes, white face paint on the tips of the lashes. Easy peasy!

Here comes the fun part! 

To achieve this icy effect you need to mix equal parts epsom salt to water in a bowl, stir together, and microwave. (30 second increments)

Once you get a liquid consistency apply to the face, only while the solution is warm not SCALDING HOT! Test the temperature on the back of your hand first!

While applying to a portion of the face, grab your hair dryer and begin drying the salt. This is what is going to harden the product and create an icy like texture!

Repeat all over the face, section by section. Good Luck!

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