Coffee Table Books

Styling my coffee table with Kate Spade books and skulls.

I love to create pretty spaces in my home.
Nothing more plain Jane and boring than a white Ikea coffee table in your living room! This space could use some freshening up! What better than some Kate Spade coffee table books and skulls!?


I do love the design of this Ikea coffee table. The glass top, and the functional drawer, with a bottom shelf! An absolute win for decorating! Above is the before…

And here is the AFTER!

For the bottom shelf I added a stack of my favorite Kate Spade books! ‘All in good Taste’. ‘Things We Love’, and ‘Places to go People to See’

IMG_0390The bottom book, Kevyn Aucoin, ‘Making Faces’ inspired my career in the beauty industry. This was the first book that sparked a true passion inside of me!


Don’t forget the flowers when creating a fresh space! I turned an old Crystal Head vodka bottle into a vase! This vase stacked nicely with candles, Kate Spade books and a Chanel coffee table book!


Next, I scored this incredible skull tray around Halloween season! I love keeping all the remotes organized!

Check out the above picture compared to this one below! It’s an Alexander McQueen coffee table hologram book with a skull face! Thanks Suzanna for this AWESOME SCORE!! This book started my obsession with coffee table books! IMG_0249

My little helpers tried to steal the spotlight during my photo session!

IMG_0273Viola! My coffee table styling is complete!
IMG_0228Can you guess how many skulls are featured in this post!?
Here’s another space I used stacked books to decorate with. Nothing better than Freddy and Chanel! Wet bar blog post coming soon…..Say hi to FREDDY! IMG_0347

Ta Ta For Now-






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    June 24, 2016 at 9:45 pm

    Nice job! Very you.

    1. Reply June 24, 2016 at 11:44 pm

      Why thank you! Let me know if there’s any topics I can go into great detail for you? Perhaps some wedding Do’s and Don’ts

  2. Reply June 28, 2016 at 1:47 pm

    Looks fanatic. You have a second calling for sure!

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