Makeup Mishaps

5 Common Makeup Mistakes

Don’t get mixed up with any of these beauty blunders!

Check out my 5 simple tips for makeup!

  • Highlighting 


Highlighting your face is not for everyone! I repeat NOT FOR EVERYONE! There is a lot of buzz about how amazing this professional technique makes you look. Yes, highlighting can do wonders for your face if you know what you are doing. However, if you suffer from acne or have any acne scaring, you want to make sure to avoid anything with shimmer or reflective. The shimmer is going to amplify all of your blemishes and flaws when dusted onto the skin. You better believe this will show up on all those HD camera phone selfies!  However, if you decide to use a highlighting product, I recommend a matte product I use from Joe Blasco Cosmetics called corrective pro-touch highlighters. Joe Blasco

  • Lashes Curler

The number one tool people always forget about is the infamous eyelash curler. Eyelashes are meant to be curled before applying mascara. Most people’s lashes are straight as a stick.  Do not be scared of your curler, love your curler! Having lashes that are thick and full help make your eyes really pop on camera without having to add a ton of makeup.  When you use your lash curler, always curl in a three-step process. Start at the base of the lashes, hold and firmly press shut for 15 seconds. Then go to the middle of the lashes, hold and press for 15 seconds. Finally, repeat on the tips for 15 seconds.  This process will help create a natural, full lash appearance. If you want to get really fancy, heat the lash curler with a blow dry for a few seconds between each step. Doing so will amplify your lashes to whole new level. Always check to see if the rubber stopper is protecting your lashes during the curling process.

  • Applying a Long Lasting Lip Stick lush

Long lasting lip products are absolutely amazing for all day durability. However, these products are very drying for your lips. If you have constant chapped lips, these products are not for you. To properly use these products you want to make sure you are taking proper care of your lips.  First, you need to consistently moisturize with a lip balm. Next, you want to make sure you are exfoliating your lips a few times a week. An amazing product you can use is Lush bubblegum lip scrub. To use this product, you first apply it to your fingertip and brush onto your lips.  Then, rub your lips together a few times.  Finally, rinse the scrub off and apply your favorite lip balm to keep in the moisture.  Get in this routine and you will be able to take full advantage of long lasting lip products that help you look your best from start to finish. Lush

  • Skipping Lip Linernyx_retractable_lip_linerSkipping lip liner is a huge no no!! The misconception of lip liner is that you are only supposed to outline your lips. In reality, you should apply lip liner over the entire lip area prior to applying your lipstick.  Applying lip liner first boosts the staying power of the lipstick.  It also keeps your lipstick from budging outside of your lip area.  Even when you are going for a natural look, you should use a neutral lip liner because it will enhance your natural features. You should always wear lip liner . . . ALWAYS!!! NYX
  • Touch-upsRice Paper

Touch-ups are an essential step to do throughout the day.  High quality makeup typically will hold up all day without needing many touch-ups (depending on your skin type). A great tip for touch-ups is to NEVER go straight for your compact and reapply a powder or foundation. Instead, blot off the excess oil from your skin using rice papers. Next, blot with a blotting powder. Removing the sweat and oil first ensures that you do not end up with caked on makeup. No one likes a cake face for the rest of the day! Sallys

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