Pre-Teen/Basic Makeup

Pre-teen/Basic Makeup Application 101

While living in Orlando I use to do makeup on tons of teen actors.

Everyone wears makeup on camera, men, women, and even children. These tips are designed for creating age appropriate makeup for children under the age of fifteen that will be attending castings. Remember, before trying out new techniques always practice before the big day!

  • Eyebrows:

Eyebrows help frame the eyes. Kids should not be getting extreme eyebrow shaping services at a young age unless there are signs of hair overgrowth. Many children have fair colored eyebrows. If this is the case, you want to accentuate the natural arch of the eyebrow. There are products available that can help bring the shape to life. Maybelline Define-A-Brow is an amazing product that can help shape the eyebrows. When starting to fill in the brow, you always do a feathering motion. A common mistake is drawing like you are using a pencil. Instead, you want short, quick strokes. Applying the product in this way will help achieve a natural look.


  • Eye Pigments:

A beautiful way to add a touch of natural color to your eyelids is with eye pigments or mineral shadows. These products create a beautiful natural hue to the eyes without over-doing it. A quality, affordable brand to check out is e.l.f. My recommendation is to always use natural hues in the bronze tone family. When applying, make sure to tap off the brush before swiping across the eyelid. Tapping the brush will help prevent shimmery fall out all over the face.


  • Blush:

Blush creates a beautiful glow that appears to be coming from within the skin. You should always add a touch of blush. The best way to apply blush is to have your child smile. Apply the blush right on the apples of the cheeks. Apply in small circular strokes and blend upward with the brush at an angle. DO NOT bring the blush all the way up to the temples. It is not natural for you to blush that high. Also, never choose a color that is not natural to your skin tone. Like eye pigments, always tap the brush before application to ensure a natural finished look.


  • Lip gloss:

Lip gloss adds a polished look to kids on and off camera. A tip when choosing a lip gloss is to stay away from ones that are sticky and overly shiny. Again, you want to choose a color that is natural to the lip. e.l.f. is a great lip gloss brand. Their lip glosses range from $1-$3. You can’t beat that!


  • Mascara:

Mascara is something that you should definitely not skip! If you do not want a dramatic effect, you can always use a brown or dark brown color. Only apply 1-2 coats, NO MORE. Start at the base of the eyelashes and brush upward, trying to make sure to brush all the lashes apart. Once done with the top, have your child look up to the sky and repeat on the bottom. Once the first coat is applied, repeat the process for a second coat. I always suggest that children attending castings wear waterproof mascara. You do not want to risk your child getting upset about something and running her mascara. L’Oreal Voluminous mascara is a secret weapon to makeup artists around the world!


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