Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes can be extremely overwhelming. Most clients complain to me about feeling intimidated to use brushes because they don’t know the purposes of each one. Brushes can help you achieve an incredible look vs. the use of your fingers and disposable sponge’s. Here is a beginners guide to makeup brushes and their uses.

Face Makeup Brushes

Flat Foundation Brush-

  • Use like a paintbrush to apply and blend creams
  • Creates a natural finish with light to medium coverage when blending liquid foundation and concealers
  • Great for fine lines and wrinkles and under eye application
  • Available in smaller sizes for concealer


Blending Foundation Brush-

  • Use in a circular buffing motion to apply and blend liquid foundation
  • Creates an airbrush finished look with medium to heavy coverage
  • Helps achieve a flawless blended look


Angled Blush Brush-

  • Perfect for defining cheekbones when applying blush
  • Can be used for highlights, bronzer, and blush applications
  • Use in a sweeping—upward motion


Powder Brush-

  • Used when blending out blush, bronzer, and highlight
  • Great for setting makeup with loose powder
  • Sweep back and forth with loose powder, tapping brush off before applying


Fan Brush-

  • Used to sweep away any fall out from eye shadow application
  • Achieve a perfect defined contour jaw or cheekbone
  • Use in an upward sweeping motion


Eye Makeup Brushes

Shadow Packing Brush-

  • Pack on eye shadow pigments to achieve optimal color of eye shadows
  • Always tap brushes before applying to eyes to prevent excess shadow fall out on the face
  • Great for base color on eye lid

f4f43b2b2e0c2682616ed3ef8aad8ecbEye shadow Pointed Brush-

  • Used to add deeper shadow colors to achieve a Smokey eye look
  • Use short sweeping motions to dust back and forth a richer color in the crease of the eye

Eye shadow pointed brush

Eye shadow Fluff Brush-

  • Great for blending shadows together on the eye lid
  • Not meant for applying color more for blending shadows together
  • Always use small circular motions and buff to blend
  • Can be used to sweep a highlight across brow bone

Shadow Fluff Brush (1)


Pointed Eye Liner Brush-

  • Used with gel or powder eye liners
  • For precision eyeliner applications

Used for top eye line or drop shadow area

Eye Liner BrushMakeup brushes are meant to help you create a perfect makeup look! Start with brush sets! Check out the below sets! Also, don’t forget to take care of your brushes! That helps the longevity of your brushes!

Complexion Trio • Japonesque  brushes1

Essential Kit – Make Me Classy – Black • Sigma Beauty

Travel Kit – Make Me Crazy – Purple • Sigma Beauty

Essential Kit – Make Me Blush – Coral • Sigma Beauty

Basic Face Kit • Sigma Beauty

Japonesque Makeup Brush Cleanser • Japonesque  cleaner

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