Skin Quencher

Recently, I had an incredible facial from my esthetician, who by the way is the best in town! Stephanie Uphold at Casablanca Salon and Spa. Definitely book the 90 minute facial, completely amazing! As we were talking skin care routines she gave me some great solicited advice for an extra added step right before bedtime! I literally rushed out to buy everything the next day!

What you need:

1 Jar of Coconut Oil (Trader Joe’s, thank you for existing in Tulsa! Back in my life at last!)
1 glass jar or any small container
Vitamin A

Next you clean out your container making sure there is no left over residue inside the jar from any other products.

After cleaning your container scoop 4-6 dollops of coconut oil into the jar.

Then take approximately 8 Vitamin A capsules out of the container.


With a small needle poke a tiny hole and squeeze the contents of the capsule into the jar filled with the coconut oil.


Once you have completed the above steps, whip the contents together and create a smooth/creamy texture.

Finally top off with 10-12 lavender drops for added calming effects, stir again.


Once you have concocted your potion be sure to apply before bed time. The best way to do this is to store the product on your nightstand so you don’t forget to apply nightly!

Don’t forget to sleep on silk pillowcases! A sure fire way to keep hair from getting tangled and to keep those fine lines at bay! Check out some of my favorite neutral shades of grey!

Ta Ta For Now-



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