Day to Night Look

These past few summer months I had the pleasure of doing makeup and hair, a few times, on lifestyle blogger “Go French Yourself” Samantha Ruble.


The first makeup application I did, we were concocting a day to night look for one of her projects.


I wanted to leave her with some professional makeup artist tips along the way. Here’s what I did to create Samantha’s look.

Before and after, Check out the process below

First, I started by priming her skin. Priming your skin always helps the longevity of makeup. If you want the staying power, you must use a primer!


Next comes foundation. I cannot emphasis enough, SKIN IS IN! The flawless appearance with a glow, is what everyone is desiring this season. For Samantha, she wanted to focus on keeping her skin matte and minimizing the appearance of her pores. My tip to her was to apply her liquid foundation with a brush instead of her fingers or a one time use sponge. A nice fluffy foundation brush is going to aid in the appearance of pores and work the makeup into the skin vs. the makeup sitting on top of her skin. A brush creates an airbrushed finished look.


Once foundation is complete, I continue with contour, blush, highlight, and a finishing powder. In the daytime you want to make sure everything is blended and not harsh on the contour. Natural sunlight is not forgiving on makeup that isn’t blended correctly.

Next, I used an eyeshadow primer, to keep the longevity of her eyeshadow for all day and all night wear. When we create day to night looks we are striving for maximum staying power of the products we are using. For her eyeshadow colors, I used the matte Naked palette and Naked palette number 1. Both favorites of mine. I chose a simple-subtle smokey eye–then we moved on to lips.


Lips are what really made this daytime look pop! I have a rule of thumb and I tell my clients this all the time, if you go bold with your lips go soft with your eyes. If you go bold with your eyes go soft with your lips. (Of course there is always exceptions to this rule.) We don’t want makeup to give off the appearance of looking unpolished or a clown. Not unless it’s Halloween of course.

Here is Samantha’s day time look! Now let’s turn this look into a night time look.


The best way to punch up a look is by emphasizing on either your eyes or lips. Daytime we chose to make her lips stand out. For nighttime, we chose to make her eyes stand out.

For the night look, I added more eye shadow in the crease of her eye. This is an instant change to her look. This gives her a deeper smokey eye which in translation is more of a sultry look.


Once I finished her eyes, I did not like how bright her lips were. Pro tip* I decided to mix a small amount ย of concealer to her lipstick to mute the color just a smidge. Aiming to take off that bright tone of the lipstick shade. This gave her a softer lip, which looks amazing with her skin tone!

There you have it! Simple ways to take your makeup up a notch– in a pinch– or before cocktails after work!


Behind the scenes, sneak peak of our set up!


Here are the links to some of the products I mentioned above. What’s your favorite product for achieving matte finished skin?

Ta Ta For Now!




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    Love it. <3

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    Looks gorgeous!x

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      Thanks! She’s a gem!

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