Spiritual Entrepreneur Trio

Back in June I had the pleasure of beautifying and attending a entrepreneur empowerment workshop hosted by some bad-ass women. 

Amanda FrancesDanielle Mercurio, and Andrea Conti Crowder were the most informative entrepreneurs I have ever met! Each ready to share their unique stories and come together together to teach other women empowerment.

Early in the morning we started the beautifying process.


I adore the light and airy feeling Amanda’s house puts off – the natural light is perfect for flawless makeup applications.


I have had the pleasure of doing Amanda’s makeup a dozen times. Here’s a before and after showing the radiance her skin achieves from an airbrush makeup application.


Once the ladies finished the beautifying process it was off to the workshop! Cherry Street Yoga in Tulsa, OK is where the event took place. I’ve never taken a yoga class here before, but I can’t wait to try one now! The studio is so beautiful! MUST SEE!


Pure Food and Juice supplied amazing samples of what they have to offer. They are such a lovely addition to Tulsa. My favorite was the green juice sample! The aftertaste was amazing!


Once everyone tried juice samples and got settled it, it was off the the races for my pen and paper.

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First up from the workshop, Amanda Frances — she opens up the room with the statement “I fucking love Money”. Silence overcame the room with intrigue. I personally love the provocative statement, since it does come off as shocking to hear, and I love ALL things provocative. Amanda’s business is about empowering and coaching other women in their businesses. She pushes her clients to GO BIG and to design a business they are wildly obsessed with while coaching them along the way. With online course such as “Money Mentality Makeover” and “Boss Lady Branding” she’s a great platform for all newbies looking to jumpstart their dreams!

As a business owner, I really love the eye opening tips I learned from Amanda. I never even thought about having a mantra in my life (I love money and money loves me! An example from the workshop). I also don’t just sit around and write my goals down on paper. This is something I am trying to adapt more in my everyday hustle and bustle of the freelance business life. I also sometimes forget what my clear intentions with my business are. What is it that I am wanting from the universe??

Ask yourself…

What is your mantra?
What are your clear intentions?
What do you want from the universe?

Amanda Frances, Makeup/Photo by: Me!

Next up, Andrea Conti Crowder— Fitness, finances, freedom, and other F words. Andrea is a bonafide bad ass coach in the Beach Body world! She was really inspiring to listen and learn from. I never knew the world failure could be so positive. Failure and positive just don’t mesh together in sentences or in my mind very well.

Andrea Crowder Photo/Makeup by: Me

Andrea left me some interesting insight on the F word… failure.

“Failure is feedback, what is the lesson learned when failing?”
“Fail hard, fail fast and– learn from it.”

When I sit and apply this to myself, I think about how I am constantly evolving with my business. I want to learn from the mistakes I make so, next time everything is smooth sailing. I truly love making tweaks and learning, but I never thought of failure as a growing experience.

I also had an eye opening experience from her talk, if I’m not having a self care day and taking care of myself, then how can I give my clients 100% of me? I need to constantly be taking care of myself before I can really help and grow my business.

Danielle Photo/Makeup by: Me

Last up, Danielle Mercurio— a motivational speaker, coach, astrologist, Kundalini yoga, and meditation teacher.  She opened up the room with an incredible dance party! Danielle has such a calming presence to be around, it was so refreshing.

Danielle made so many incredible statements I couldn’t help to jot down quickly. She spoke a lot on trusting in oneself.  “Don’t be afraid to ask for what you desire, because you are suppose to.” Think about that for a minute… This question is thought provoking for me, because honestly sometimes I forget what my desires are, with the hectic day to day life challenges. AND not to forget a little thing called my ego.

“Ego Likes to keep us safe”
“Ego is a liar and keeps you safe and small”

I never really thought about my ego holding me back from life, but Danielle is absolutely right! I need to own who I am and who I want to be.

“Abundance comes in lots of different forms, health, wealth, love etc.” Another statement that really stuck with me and something to reflect on. My life has a great abundance in some areas and others it needs work on. Recognizing the positives can help grow the areas that are lacking.

Group Hug after the Workshop

Ending the workshop with a MASSIVE GROUP HUG!!! Never stop learning, never stop growing, be you, own yourself, don’t be afraid of failure!


TA TA For Now




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    Mary Shivel
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    Krista Perry, you rock! I love your talent, enthusiasm and vision! Keep up the good work!

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      Ahhhhh thanks Mary!! You are the greatest!!

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