Favorite Things Part I

“These are a few of my favorite things” I can’t help BUT to sing that for some reason.

A question I get asked more often than not…”What are your favorite products?” I love this questions because I can be brutally honest. Sometimes I feel when you ask this question in a hair salon or a makeup counter, you get a huge list of everything you need and don’t necessarily need. So, here I can speak from the heart. However, I am going to link the products below, and they are affiliate links. Just a forewarning, no sneaky business.

#1 I LOVE MAC PRO LONGWEAR Waterproof Foundation

MAC There are many reasons why I love this foundation. For starters the coverage is amazing and build-able. Meaning you can keep layering it for maximum coverage. The texture goes smooth and creamy and best applied with what I call a “skunk brush”. The number one thing that separates this foundation from all the other, (drum roll please) IT TRULY STAYS ON ALL DAY! How you ask? Its base is silicone and not water. Water based foundations break down with sweat and obviously water. Silicone based products need to be washed off with soap and water. Silicone based products are exactly what I use for my clients in the bridal world for all day, long lasting wear. Would I wear this every day? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! I personally don’t like to wear makeup everyday, but you can defintley do that with this product and not feel like you have a face full of makeup on.



MACBWhy do I call this a skunk brush? Duh, its black and white like a skunk. Well, it is white until you apply foundation to it. Then it becomes flesh toned and black. At any rate, this brush is incredible and has been in my life for the last 10 years. The best way I use this brush is by applying foundation to the back of my hand and then dipping the brush ends into the product. Next, I start at the middle of my face blending out in small circles. This motion creates an “airbrush” like effect. It is so incredible. My clients whom I airbrush, always ask me if I airbrush my skin on a daily basis because they like the coverage they see on my skin. I always tell them, the trick is the SKUNK BRUSH!! ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE! It will change the way your everyday makeup application appears.

#3 MAC Blot Powder

DISCLAIMER: Ok so, I just realized this is turning into a MAC post. Honestly, my personal kit and my professional kit are so different. I never use liquid foundations or pressed powders on any of my clients, ever. Moving on, I love storing this compact in my purse! Why you ask? Because this is the best product to knock off shine quickly for your fMACBLOTace, while on the go! I like to load the puff and just press into the face, areas that appear to be shiny. However, do not continue powdering over shine, all day, without first removing the oil– with an oil removing square. Continuous powdering over oily skin will give the appearance of the dreaded CAKE FACE!
Pro Tip* Store the puff facing up instead of down in the powder. This will help prevent bacteria from growing in your makeup. EW! You’re welcome!

all nighter#4 Urban Decay, Makeup Setting Spray

Setting your makeup with a spray is becoming increasingly more popular and I LOVE IT! This is like makeup insurance for your skin. Once you are totally finished with all of your makeup give this product a fine mist across your face. Not only is it refreshing, but it doubles the staying power of your makeup. I use this on myself and ALL OF MY CLIENTS! Don’t skimp on this step. When spraying, I like to hold approximately, 4 inches from my face, starting at the left forehead area and spray moving in a downward motion. Then I repeat this from the right side of the forehead. I like to give about 2-3 sprays.

#5 NAKEDnaked1Yes yes, the coveted Naked palettes are a favorite of mine. There are so many reasons to love Urban Decays Naked palettes. For starters, they come with 12 eye shadow shades and a dual eye shadow brush! What is the best part about naked 1? IT LOOKS GREAT ON EVERYONE!! By far my favorite Naked palette to choose from. Unfortunately, I have reached pan on so many of my favorite colors. It’s time for me to re-up on this product! You can achieve a super natural look and a deep smokey all with these 12 shades! What is not to love!

In conclusion to this blog, if anyone has any beauty needs they are trying to meet I would love to give more product suggestions in a part II!! Let me know in the comments below.

Here are the links to the products I mentioned above:

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