Arkansas Day Trip Chapter 1

We road tripped this weekend to NWA! Not to be confused with the rap group, rather North West Arkansas.

We have been dying to check out Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art located in Bentonville, Arkansas, smack dab in the middle of America!

Located just two hours from Tulsa, we made a half day trip over just in time for lunch.

As soon as we arrived we saw the most amazing sculpture located in the front area round-a-bout. It reminded me of something straight out of a Tim Burton flick. Which one? I’m not sure, Alice in Wonderland, mixed with, Nightmare Before Christmas, and a touch of Sleepy Hollow.

IMG_3749  IMG_3751

Once entering the museum we were pleasantly surprised to find out there is no admission charge. Walmart keeps this museum free to the public. Thanks WALLY WORLD!

When we entered, it was straight to the restaurant.


We ate at Eleven, the restaurant inside Crystal Bridges. They have an American comfort food cuisine with a hint of traditional flare. I had an amazing fried chickpea falafel and Dustin had a chicken salad with fresh mozzarella drizzled in a balsamic reduction. YUM!


Once we finished lunch it was off to explore!


Instantly we both fell in love with all the marble sculptures. They were truly mesmerizing. Then as I continued walking around, I realized I love sculptures.

It’s so fun exploring and learning new things about yourself.


As many of you know, I love strange works of art. Below is a collection of some of my favorites throughout our visit at Crystal Bridges.


Dustin would have way too much fun with something like this in our house!

IMG_3915Hello MAD MAX!



As soon as we turned the corner, there was a MASSIVE hyper realistic self portrait stature of artist Evan Penny. It was very startling and real looking! Having a background in FX makeup, I knew the realistic material would be made from a silicone mold– I was right. Every single hair on the sculptures head and face are hairs from the artist. CRAZY!! Also, after further reading the artist aged himself for this particular sculpture.

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After turning another corner, Dustin says, “Wow, that looks so real!” I did another double take and realized that was not a man sitting on the bench! Look at those elbow skin rolls!! Those rolls look so life like!

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I must say the massive Pinocchio statue is a sight to see! Located directly across from what I first thought was a brain!! While I stared at this brain structure, Dustin pointed out that those were mylar balloons made up of the alphabet! At first site I literally saw a brain!



Vintage smoking lady advertisement would be a piece of art I would love to add to my collection! I love that women use to ALWAYS match their lipstick to their fingernail polish. So elegant.


Once leaving the museum you get to walk under a SPIDER!! How cool is this? I want one so bad at my house!!! Especially in September/October!


If you live in Oklahoma and can make a day trip to Bentonville…DO IT! You will not be disappointed. Chapter 2 coming soon! Our next stop, Walmart Museum and 21c Museum hotel in Bentonville!

Ta Ta for Now-


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