Halloween Candle Crafting

As most of you know, Halloween is my major holiday. It’s almost like a spooky birth month celebration for me! Which is kinda of hilarious, because my birth month celebration is in November and I start decorating/crafting for Halloween in September. Three months of pure bliss in my book! Not only do we hand out candy to trick or treaters, go out/dress up with friends, treat ourselves to a new car on this holiday, but we throw a big Halloween party. No details spared!

I love to make each party a new theme! This years theme is to be revealed once our guests receive their invitations. But, some secrets may show through with this post.

The best way to make a Halloween party unique is by adding special crafting touches to your specific theme that you cannot go to a store and buy. For example, last year we had a Beetlejuice themed party and that type of decor doesn’t just exist at all the Halloween shops. So, I discovered these amazing candles on Etsy for $9 each that were themed to my Beetlejuice party. I was telling my fellow Halloween crafter and lover of all things spooky, Katrina Warren, that I wanted to buy these. She suggested I make them! A LIGHT BULB went off in my head! So last year I crafted a process to make these candles.

This year, I am seeking specific decor for our theme and I find myself wanting to craft these awesome candles for our Halloween party this year.

All you need is $20 for this project. This crafted detail adds a major WOW factor to your buffet table, bar, or bathroom for any party.


What you need:

Prayer Candles
Pictures Saved on Your Computer
Pictures Printed Out and Photo Center
Glitter (in your choice of color)
Hot Glue gun
Modge Podge
Foam Brush (3)
Paper Plates
Double Sided Tape

First, you start by choosing your theme for your party. Once you have that you will want to go to Google and start finding your favorite photos from that theme online. Save them to your desktop and upload them to a photo center. I used Walgreens. Upload them and have them printed out on 4×6 photo paper. Always remember to google promo codes! They always have them for photos!


Next, I went to the Dollar Tree and found tall glass candles for $1. Depending on how many you want to make will determine how many you buy.

Next, I went to Michael’s (with my 40% off coupon) and bought the glitter for the tops. I prefer large glitter vs. fine glitter. I think it looks better and stands out. I also keep in mind the colors of the pictures for which glitter colors I buy.

Now comes the fun Halloween candle crafting part!

I like to sort my candles beforehand and chose the best picture to attach to each candle. I ended up scoring some awesome color candles this year!


Next, I take double sided tape and attach the photo to the middle of the candle.american-horror-story-freak-show15

For the next step, I use the glue gun to fill in the sides and wrap around the candle carefully. Glue guns are hot!! Use caution!


Once the photos are all attached I set them to the side.


Now comes the messy part! Modge Podge and glitter!

I like to next take a couple paper plates and add Modge Podge to one plate, and each individual glitter to the rest of the plates.


Next you take a foam brush and apply a thin layer of modge podge to the tops of each candle.


Once the thin layer is applied I roll the top of the candle in the glitter and gently sprinkle the glitter on top.


I then let that layer dry and apply a second coat of modge podge over the glitter and roll once more. This gives the glitter a solid (no see through) look. Below is an example of one coat of glitter.


I don’t like how you can still see through the top portion of the candle.

Here’s your final look with two coats of Modge Podge and glitter.


I also prefer to cover the top of the picture a smidge. This way it doesn’t look so structured and more creepy messy feel.


There you have it! Halloween crafting with candles to ad a special element of theme to any party for under $20 and 1.5 hours.


Another tip for your buffet table is to add black cheese cloth over your countertop first. This works wonders on the table you are displaying food on!

Happy haunting! Can’t wait for our “Freak Show”.

Ta Ta for Now-



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