Dogs Beat the Heat with Cool Treats

For those of you who know me, you know Axwell and Ellie are my babies! Since adopting Axwell, our beagle possible pug, from a local animal rescue he’s been the best dog anyone could ask for! Super lovable and extra affectionate. Almost like a stage five clinger– if you know what I mean. A year later we decided Axwell needed a furry friend! We used the same local animal rescue and discovered Ellie, the rat terrier! Ellie, hasn’t had the easiest start to life. She was abandoned at an early age and developed many health issues. We adopted her at only 6 weeks old (typically you can adopt puppies at 8 weeks)! The vet first thought she was blind, then she may have diabetes, followed by bladder issues, and to sum it up she currently suffers from seizures.  We have to administer two pills per day to keep her seizures from occurring. We love her to death, but she is defintley Axwell’s official ankle biter with a Jekyll and Hyde personality. Ellie adores Axwell, Axwell deals with Ellie, but loves her so much. They are our perfect ying-to-the-yang pet personalities, that thankfully play amazing together. We love them both!

During the summer months we like to spoil our babies just a bit more. They love homemade treats in the summertime. Instead of just plain old ice cubes and a bowl of water they prefer flavored icy treats.

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Ellie up to no good

I learned this delicious recipe from my friend, Kathleen! Before Kathleen and her husband go out on the town, she always makes her dogs a special treat to keep them occupied. Axwell and Ellie have never been so happy to see us leave!

Ellie and Axwell

What you need for this special icy treat:

-A Toy for Stuffing Snacks Inside (Kong)
-Chicken Stock (low sodium)
-Peanut Butter


1. You want to make sure the toy you decided to use is cleaned out.

2. Fill the toy half way with with chicken stock.

3. Freeze overnight.

4. When you are ready to give your dog this delicious treat, pop it out of the freezer and just add peanut butter to the inside rim.

Viola! Whether your poolside or inside (hardwood floors recommended for inside licking and melting) this treat is sure to score you extra licks from your pooches!


What’s your pups favorite human food? Our dogs’ is peanut butter!

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