Favorite Things Part ll

As the season begins to change, so do my favorite “things” I reach for everyday. This is part two of my favorite things, incase you missed my Favorite Things Part l here’s the link. 

1.) Dry Shampoo, Batiste

Batiste dry shampoo OOOO how I love you. Sorry brunette friends, this one is best used on blonde hair due to the white residue it can sometimes leave behind. Out of all the dry shampoos on the market this is my favorite. For under $8 a can, you cannot beat it. Normal dry shampoos can extend my hair washing an extra day, but with this dry shampoo I can go an additional day! Incredible if you ask me!

2.) Eye lash growth, Revitalash

I am guilty as charged of being addicted to eyelash extensions! After two years of getting fills every three weeks, as they say, “All good things must come to an end.” I was very scared to see what my baby eyelashes looked like after having the extensions off. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as I expected. I immediately started using this product and I am WOW-ed! My lashes grew so much longer than I ever expected.  The product is a little pricey, but I still have half a bottle left since purchasing Revitalash in May. I use a small swipe across my eyelids once a day, before bedtime. This product has saved me over $400.00 in eyelash fills since switching to Revitalash. I plan on doing an entire blog with my results from using this awesome product! Keep an eye out!

3.) Hot Tools, Chi Styling Set

I adore an amazing curling iron, straightener, product, and bag combo set. There’s nothing better than to splurge on your tools and products especially when they are in a packaged deal. These hot tools will also last so much longer than buying a curling iron for $20. Make the investment and it will last for years vs. replacing them more often. With that being said, Chi is one of my favorite brands for styling my clients hair. My favorite part of this technology is in the straightener. The design allows the curved plates to serve dual functions. You can achieve a straight style or a curled style with just the straightener.

4.) Under Eye Cream, Aveda

Now that I am quickly approaching my 30’s, skincare has become something I have trained myself to be better about. Which is why under eye cream is so important! I generously use an under eye cream 2x’s a day. Regular face lotion can be very moisturizing, but specific eye creams can target your specific needs. For example this Aveda eye cream helps diminish the appearance of dark circles and increases the energy in the cells to reduce puffiness around my eyes. Check and check! I still have the same tube I purchased over 8 months ago. Since I am only applying under my eyes, the product lasts me a long time!

5.) Under Eye Concealer, Garnier

I am so happy my good friend, Sharon Tabb, makeup artist/hairstylist extraordinaire, introduced me to this product. I added this to my morning routine and it really has made a difference with my under eye circles. I love the cool temperature the roller ball has on my under eyes after the application. It goes on so smooth and brightens instantly. I like to roll under each eye and pat lightly till blended or stipple with an under eye concealer brush.

Which product do you want to try first?

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