Ultimate Halloween Party Invites

Ok, so by now you have all probably figured out I am a self proclaimed lover of Halloween and all things spooky! With the exception to a real haunted house. I AM GOOD on NEVER experiencing a true supernatural event.

With that being said, I look forward to the spooky months in September and October. (Christmas fanatics get November and December, so I can steal September as well!)

This year I went a little above and beyond on my Halloween party invites. Check out this step by step ultimate craft guide to send your Halloween party invites to the next level!


First, start by designing your invitations to your Halloween theme party. Our party this year is FREAK SHOW! Yes, I love American Horror Story, it’s such a perfect theme for a Halloween party.

After you have designed your invitations I always suggest doing front and back for that extra PAZZAZ.

Details you should include on your Halloween party invites are: Address, time, serving food or booze?, dress up details, (Duh! Please don’t come to my HALLOWEEN PARTY EVER LOOKING NORMAL, unless you are Marilyn Manson. He can come clean faced and dressed as a lawyer. That would be an interesting costume for him.)

Next, design and print.

Yes, my address is blurred

I really wanted to create invitation shaped like a ticket to an event or a freak show, so what better than actual TICKET invitations!?

Here comes the fun part. Envelopes. Since we are doing a Freak Show – Carn-evil theme I wanted to make sure they were extra tattered and gnarly.

Here’s my step by step process to make your white envelopes look distressed.


First, you will start by crinkling up with envelopes, followed by smoothing them out flat.



Once you have laid them flat, brew a mason jar full of tea. You will want to have some paper towels and paper plates handy to keep the mess level down.


Start by dipping the tea bags into the tea solution and rub them across the paper.

It’s really important to make sure the glue on the envelope doesn’t get wet and stick together when you stack the envelopes after completion.



Then I decided to lay them across the entire table to let them dry properly.


It’s the small details that send your theme Halloween party to the next level. I also added spooky address labels and a spooky stamp to seal the envelope!


What do you think?

Ta Ta For Now-

Krista Perry


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